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La Nina building this fall

October 20, 2011 by  
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A weak La Nina condition remains in place across the Central Pacific in early Fall, with sea surface temperatures in the region at least .5 degrees below normal. The condition is expected to strengthen a bit as we head from fall into winter, but remain weaker than last season’s La Nina. A La Nina condition, even a weak one, is expected to mean a colder and wetter winter in the Pacific Northwest and a drier season in the Southwest. Sitting between these two, Tahoe is dependent on the whims of each storm and how far the jet stream dips south. Last season, of course, we got nearly every storm that came off the Pacific. One thing that should be true is that we are less likely to see the kind of big, warm, wet storm that comes off the Southern Pacific. The storms we do get will tend to be smaller, and colder, but they can add up, and they can bump up against each other to produce plenty of powder.

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