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White Wolf mini-adventure

January 12, 2013 by  
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Saturday Jan. 12 2013

Got in a good day of skiing at Squaw and Alpine Friday, including our first trek between the two. Skied out of the gate below KT and down to White Wolf along the Squaw Boundary, where we ran into Troy Caldwell. He’d just finished grooming his short track that is part of the connection and told us he had timed the hike along the track at about 13 minutes. I think it took us a little longer than that but not much, and of course that’s just one section of the connection. The hike back from Alpine via Estelle Ridge was much harder, but still fun. We even found a nice little stash of powder on a north facing slope just before we got back to Caldwell’s track. The trip is definitely worth the time and energy if you want to get in some good hiking and skiing and get a view of Squaw you’ve never seen before.


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