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Powder Day At Alpine.
Remember powder? Young Daniel Mein got some before New Years and posts this video to prove it.

Ebbetts Pass Descent

4/15 Nick Baron from Porters shows off a skillful use of the “ski cam” during a day in the park.

Mid March Madness from Nick Baron on Vimeo.

4/9 Marja Persson’s video diary of her run at the Freeride World Tour comp in Squaw Valley.

Watch Marja Persson ski video diary from Freeride World Tour Competition in Squaw Valley, USA in Sports  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

4/8…We missed this one when it was posted a few days ago, but it’s still worth watching: the top three men’s runs in the North American Free Skiing Championships at Kirkwood….

4/5…..Daron Rahlves and some buddies hiked out of Sugar Bowl and skied a steep and sketchy run down Donner Summit after that little storm the other day. Daron’s helmet cam gives you a great feel for what it’s like to ski some nasty terrain in less than perfect conditions. This is not your typical powder day video blast…..

4/3 Three minutes of snowboard bliss with Brendon Drury of Porters’ Lake Tahoe team. We recommend watching the whole thing, because he saves the best for the last 30 seconds….

Brendon Drury Endeavor Snowboards from Brendon Drury on Vimeo.

3/31…JP Smith posts some helmet cam footage he took at Kirkwood last week after the big storm. Lots of powder, but it was already warmed by the spring sun and conditions were a bit heavy and slow.

JP – Kirkwood run 1 through 4 from JP Smith on Vimeo.

3/28….Two minutes of spring chute skiing. Plenty of good skiing still out there if you are willing to go find it.

Alpine Chuting from YEE HAW on Vimeo.

3/25….Nothing spectacular in this clip, but its 40 seconds give you a good feel for some of the great conditions that still can be found off-trail around Tahoe this week. This clip is from Squaw.

3/24….Here is a 90-second look at a bluebird powder run at Squaw, including a jump or two. Pretty nice. From Jamie Schou.

Squaw Valley POV Sun Bowl to CII from Jamie Schou on Vimeo.

3/23…A 3:48 video of some sweet skiing at Kirkwood just before the recent big storm.

JP – Kirkwood from JP Smith on Vimeo.

3/11 A nicely edited 3-minute video w// music of some great powder skiing last week at Alpine Meadows, Squaw and Northstar.

815 Midseason teaser from Collin Butcher on Vimeo.

3/11 Amazing footage of backcountry boarding in the powder of N Tahoe this week….

3/10…..This is goofy but fun to watch. A snowboarder gives his camera-holding buddy a face full of powder.

3/9..A huge Kirkwood jump, from skimoore at www.tetongravity.com/forums

3/7 A major huck at Kirkwood…..

3/7…Skiing Tram Face at Squaw at dawn…..

Skiing Tram Face Video: Squaw Valley, USA from Timothy Konrad on Vimeo.

3/6 A fun, short clip of snowboarding in deep powder in the Mt. Rose area.

3/6 Short clip of backcountry skiing deep powder in the Mt. Rose area.

3/6 Kirkwood powder skiing from the helmet cam

3/6….Powder skiing at the top of Squaw. Via Vimeo and unofficialsquaw.com

Powder skiing from Timothy Konrad on Vimeo.

3/5….Skiing the powder off K2 at Squaw after biggest storm of the season.

KT-22 Video: UnofficialSquaw.com from Timothy Konrad on Vimeo.

3/3…The boys from Porters’ jump the gap over Old Highway 40 on Donner Summit.

Donner Summit Road Gap from Nick Baron on Vimeo.

Eagle Lakes area 3/1….from SeanHav at www.tetongravity.com….

2/27 Helmet cam skiing at Squaw…from TahoeMountainSports

Squaw Valley Feb. 8 2009

Fantastic helmet cam footage of a skier following a snowboarder through the trees in deep powder at Homewood in March 2008.

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4 Responses to “Video”
  1. snowogoddess says:

    That jump at Kirkwood was insane!

  2. Daniel Mein says:

    Daniel Mein (10 years old) love to watch these videos. He wanted to share his powder day on 12/22/09 – thanks, Big E


  3. Tahoe Loco says:

    Thanks for sharing! Posted now.

  4. Daniel Mein says:

    Thanks for posting. Daniel (10 yrs old) is very excited. E

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