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Colder, with a chance of light snow

February 21, 2015 by  
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Saturday Feb. 21

A cold front moving south from Canada into the Great Basin and will bring north winds, cooler temperatures and a chance of snow to Tahoe through Monday.

Any snowfall in and around the Tahoe Basin is likely to be light, with maybe an inch or two possible north of Highway 50 and a little bit more south of there. Mammoth and Yosemite should see a bit more as the low pressure tracks closer to the southern Sierra, with up to six inches possible along the crest there.

Temperatures should begin to rebound by Tuesday, with most of the work week fair and unseasonably warm under the influence of a strengthened ridge of high pressure.

A change in the overall pattern is in the forecast for next weekend, with a series of low pressure systems sweeping through the Northwest and into Northern California. However, as of now none of the forecast models are showing a direct hit on Tahoe, with most of the precipitation trending north. But it is early yet.

We’ll keep you posted.


Drive-by storm might drift closer to the Sierra from the east

February 20, 2015 by  
Filed under Weather Geek

Friday Feb. 20

A cold but fairly dry low pressure system moving south from Canada along the eastern edge of the Cascades and the Sierra Nevada is still on track to reach the Tahoe Basin by Saturday.

The latest forecast models are showing the system drifting further west, which is good news for snow-watchers, and possibly even pulling in a bit of Pacific moisture as it moves through California.

The outlook is still for fairly light and scattered showers, focused more to the south of the Tahoe Basin. But with the cold Canadian air expected snow levels will be drop fairly quickly, and with the possibility of a bit more precipitation, we could see at least some modest accumulations Saturday into Sunday.

It still looks as if the high pressure will briefly rebuild next week before a more typical Pacific storm sweeps into the Northwest and possibly Northern California toward the end of next week. And beyond that, the outlook is slightly more bullish for at least a short period of cooler, wetter weather — winter, in other words. We can only hope…

Stay tuned.

Colder air, scattered snow showers possible this weekend

February 19, 2015 by  
Filed under Weather Geek

Thursday Feb. 19

After another dry, warm week, a modest change in the weather is in store for the Tahoe Basin this weekend.

The ridge of high pressure that’s been blocking our storms is forecast to shift west and north, closer to the Gulf of Alaska, by Friday or Saturday.

This will allow cold air, and a low-pressure system, to move in behind the ridge, dropping from Canada into Nevada and the Great Basin. By Saturday high temperatures should return to normal for this time of year, in the low 40s around the lake. Sunday should be even cooler, with highs in the 30s as the low pressure system moves into Southern Nevada. Cold, northeast winds are also likely.

This system will be low on moisture after its trek across inland Canada and the northern US, but depending on its final trajectory, it could bring some scattered snow showers to the Central Sierra Saturday and Sunday. Snow levels should be quite low with the cold air in place, but accumulations are likely to be scant.

Once that system departs to the southeast, temperatures are expected to rise again to near-normal, and a more typical northwest flow aloft is in the forecast for later in the week. This flow is expected to bring a low-pressure system into the Pacific Northwest and might bring a return of rain and snow to Northern California by next weekend.

Stay tuned.


Warm week, then a chill

February 17, 2015 by  
Filed under Weather Geek

Tuesday Feb. 17

A ridge of high pressure over the west coast will keep the Sierra and the Tahoe Basin dry and unseasonably warm through the rest of this week.

Toward the end of the week, the high pressure is forecast to shift north and west, toward the Gulf of Alaska.

As it moves, this should open the door to cold air from the Northeast to filter into the Sierra from the the backside. By Saturday, high temperatures should be considerably cooler, around normal for this time of year. As a low pressure system drops into Nevada, we could see some snow showers in the Central and Northern Sierra. Major accumulations seem unlikely at this point, but a change in the balmy pattern of late seems very likely…










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